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TurnKey Realtor is your comprehensive system designed to supercharge real estate marketing efforts, automate lead follow-ups, reengage client lists, and drive more deals to closure. Witness exponential growth and make every lead count with TurnKey Realtor."

Manage Your Entire Real Estate Business Using Only 1 Tool

Say goodbye to the chaos of navigating through numerous software tools to manage your online footprint, marketing, social media, and text interactions. TurnKey Realtor offers you a singular, streamlined system, simplifying your operations

  • Enhance Client Engagement

  • Instant Appointment Scheduling

  • Optimize Listings For Lead Conversion

  • So Much More!

A Look Into Our Solutions:

Missed Call Rescue

No call goes unanswered with our Missed Call Rescue. It promptly sends an SMS to your missed calls, safeguarding potential leads and preventing them from moving to your competitors."

Automated Credibility Review Booster

Boost your reputation effortlessly with our Automated Credibility Review Booster. Gather reviews on autopilot, enhancing your credibility and drawing more potential buyers and sellers to your brand.

Omni-Channel Message Hub

With Omni-channel Message Hub, never lose a lead amidst fragmented communication. Consolidate emails, texts, and social media messages, ensuring each lead receives your full attention.

Client Tracking Engine

Keep your prospects and leads at your fingertips with our advanced Client Tracking Engine. Monitor your lead's activities and behavior to better tailor your approach.

Conversion Driven Website

Our Conversion Driven Website ensures your digital footprint translates into leads and closures. Professionally crafted and easily customizable, it positions you ahead in the real estate game.

Business Regenerator

Turn idle leads into promising prospects with the Business Regenerator. With a few clicks, wake up your dormant leads and tap into potential earnings.

Instant Booking Scheduler

Never face a no-show again with our Instant Booking Scheduler. It handles appointments and sends timely reminders, ensuring your clients stay committed.

Digital Receptionist Widget

Turn website visitors into leads with our Digital Receptionist Widget. Capture visitor information promptly for quick follow-ups and potential conversions.

Text Engagement System

Stay organized and centralized with our Text Engagement System. Manage all your text communication on one platform, maintaining a clean and clear prospect communication record.

Smart Lead Capture System

Capture essential information about buyers and sellers with our Smart Lead Capture System. It provides you the data needed to follow up effectively and timely.

Digital Credibility


Broaden your online presence with our Digital Credibility Enhancer. Establish your business on major local directories and enhance your visibility among potential clients.

Social Media

Command Center

Maintain an active and consistent social media presence with our Social Media Command Center. Schedule and manage your posts on one platform, keeping you in sight of potential buyers and sellers.

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Everything You Need To Get Started

  • Omni-Channel Message Hub

  • Missed Call Rescue

  • Automated Credibility Review Booster

  • Client Tracking Engine

  • Business Regenerator

  • Instant Booking Scheduler

  • Digital Receptionist Widget

  • Text Engagement System

  • 1 User

  • 1,000 SMS Monthly Messages






Everything You Need To Get Started


  • Conversion Driven Website

  • Social Media Command Center

  • 2 Users

  • 2,500 SMS Monthly Messages


Professional +





  • 5 Users

  • 5,000 SMS Monthly Messages

  • Custom Training Membership Platform (Host Content To Train Your Team)

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